You have most likely seen Scream one million occasions. It is a basic.

Dimension Movies / courtesy Everett Assortment

So that you’re most likely acquainted with Courteney Cox‘s ever-changing coiffure within the film for her position of reporter Gail Withers.

Dimension Movies / courtesy Everett Assortment

And that features her bangs in Scream 3. However how did Courteney actually really feel about that hairtstyle?

Dimension Movies / courtesy Everett Assortment

“There was nothing worse,” she confessed. “That was an enormous lesson in life as a result of that can endlessly be on movie and we solely had one set. One set of bangs.”

Dimension Movies / Courtesy Everett Assortment

Cox mentioned the bangs have been lower on the set, which made them tougher to alter.

Miramax / courtesy Everett Assortment

“You might be presupposed to have a factor that begins again right here, far again and that’s the place the half goes for the bangs. For some cause they put it right here and began chopping it and I used to be like, ‘Properly, I don’t have a alternative now.’”

Miramax / courtesy Everett Assortment

Watch the entire interview here.


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