One thing to stay up for: Including ray tracing to basic video games has been a superb method to exhibit the distinction it makes. Final week a modder posted a YouTube trailer that reveals the function employed on the unique Half-Life. The modder plans to have it playable this 12 months, although no particular date was talked about.

Sultim_t says within the description of his trailer for Half-Life: Ray Traced that he’ll add real-time path tracing to Valve’s seminal 1998 first-person shooter. The ray-traced results embody international illumination, reflections, refractions, and tender shadows.

Path tracing is much like ray tracing however way more complete and computationally costly. The ray tracing in video games like Cyberpunk 2077 or Resident Evil Village is combined with conventional rasterization, solely dealing with results like international illumination or reflections. By comparability, path tracing renders your entire scene with ray tracing.

It takes a lot horsepower that solely video games with comparatively primary or aged graphics like Minecraft or Quake II RTX can use it at playable framerates. Nonetheless, even these video games want upscaling strategies like DLSS to do it. Sultim_t doesn’t point out any upscaling function for Half-Life: Ray Traced.

Sulim_t beforehand developed a ray-tracing mod for Critical Sam, though this mod is based on a earlier try so as to add ray tracing to Half-life. Sulim_t plans to release it on GitHub together with the supply code when carried out. In 2019 Nvidia stated it planned to convey ray tracing to extra basic video games however hasn’t revealed any since.


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