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Eternals has arrived within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Oscar-winning director Chloé Zhao‘s film hitting Disney Plus on Wednesday. Dipping into Marvel’s cosmic comedian e book storylines, it introduces a new group of immortal superheroes who’ve lived quietly on Earth for hundreds of years, battling the savage Deviants and serving to human civilization to progress. 

The film takes place after Avengers: Endgame, when billions of vanished individuals returned after a five-year absence and the world is all of a sudden feeling fairly crowded. We’ll even have a separate article diving into the post-credits scenes, if you wish to soar straight to these.

It is time to get into the cosmic ending, right here come the SPOILERS.


Their true function

It is a sophisticated one, so let’s check out the revelations earlier within the film to make sense of all of it. In the event you simply wish to know what occurs within the ending, scroll straight all the way down to the “Emergence averted” part.

After clever chief Ajak (Salma Hayek) is killed by the Deviants, Sersi (Gemma Chan) is elevated to the position of Prime Everlasting and the Celestial Arishem reveals the actual nature of the group’s mission on Earth in one of many film’s barely overwhelming plot dumps.

New Celestials — historical, god-like entities with unimaginable matter and power manipulation talents — are created by seeding planets and permitting life to flourish on that world. The power of residing beings permits the Celestial to develop and finally get away of their planetary shells, a second often known as the Emergence. That world is destroyed within the course of, which appears a bit impolite.

Arishem the Celestial in Marvel's Eternals

Celestials like Arishem aren’t too bothered in regards to the survival of the human race.

Marvel Studios

The idea was used within the 1999 comic book storyline Earth-X, which takes place in nasty dystopian model of the Marvel Universe.

Deviants had been initially despatched to planets to kill predators and permit life to unfold so there’d be ample power for the Celestials to emerge, however they went uncontrolled and slaughtered indiscriminately.

The Eternals imagine they’re from the world of Olympia, however they’re truly artificial beings created by the Celestials on the World-Forge and despatched to wipe out the Deviants (which means one creation was despatched to cease one other). Their recollections are wiped after every Emergence, they usually’re despatched off to a brand new planet to do all of it once more.

Thena (Angelina Jolie) often loses management and tries to kill allies as a result of she’s troubled by Mahd Wy’ry (pronounced like “mad weary”), an sickness attributable to wiped recollections returning. Like several pc, it is onerous to erase knowledge fully.


Thena struggles to maintain it collectively for a lot of the film.

Marvel Studios

Earth’s Emergence

Earth’s Eternals had been accountable for making certain that the Celestial Tiamut might develop deep throughout the Earth’s crust and get away when the time was proper, however Prime Everlasting Ajak was the one one conscious of their true mission. She revealed it to second-in-command Ikarus (Richard Madden), who reckons her want to cease Tiamut’s Emergence is a betrayal of their mission and can stop the births of billions of beings via the subsequent Celestial seeding course of.

Herein lies the film’s connection to Avengers: Endgame — Thanos’ Snap delayed the Emergence as a result of it erased a lot of the life power Tiamut would have used. When Hulk introduced the misplaced half of the inhabitants again, that power returned and the Celestial equipped for his Emergence.

Which makes you surprise why the Celestials did not order the Eternals to assist in the battle towards Thanos, for the reason that villain’s machinations interfered with their plans.


Thanos unknowingly saved Earth from destruction.

Marvel Studios

Ajak’s workforce believed that they’d worn out all of the Deviants on Earth, however Ikarus found some that had been frozen in ice and went unnoticed. The beasties thawed out, and Ikarus slayed his boss by pushing her into their lair. 

Deviant chief Kro stole Ajak’s therapeutic powers as he killed her, and determined he needed to take the remainder of the Eternals’ talents (yum yum). He does so with Gilgamesh and nearly will get Thena in direction of the film’s conclusion, however she manages to slice him up on the final second.

If the Deviants plotline looks like a non-sequitur, it is as a result of they served as little greater than a distraction for the opposite Eternals whereas Ikarus makes positive the Emergence can occur.

Emergence averted

After discovering that Ikarus is accountable for Ajak’s dying, Sersi, Thena, Kingo, Makkari, Druig and Phastos resolve to cease the Emergence. Nevertheless, the eternally younger Sprite (Lia McHugh) decides to hitch Ikarus as a result of she’s fancied him for hundreds of years.

Ikarus and Sprite attempt to shield Tiamut as he emerges within the Indian Ocean, however are overcome by their former teammates. Sersi leads her allies in forming a Unimind — the place one Everlasting’s talents are supercharged by drawing on the group’s power — and her matter transmutation energy is turned as much as 11. Tiamut, whose energy was drawn into the Unimind as nicely, freezes mid-Emergence. 

This apparently kills him and saves Earth, however there is a large lifeless Celestial poking out of the ocean (which is able to make a superb background for vacationers’ selfies).

Ikarus in Marvel's Eternals

Ikarus’ Superman-style powers aren’t sufficient to cease his former teammates.

Marvel Studios

A sunny demise

Emotional after being dragged into the Unimind, a tearful Ikarus tells Sersi he is sorry and flies into the solar — which looks like a reasonably dramatic approach to show his remorse is honest. The treacherous Everlasting seemingly burns up as he reaches the star.

Sersi provides to make use of her quickly juiced-up powers to show Sprite human, which is able to let her develop previous and have a household. The young-looking Everlasting accepts, however she is not wild in regards to the thought of going to highschool as a traditional little one (faculty can be fairly boring for somebody who’s already lived a number of lifetimes). It additionally permits teenage actor Lia McHugh to return to the position, for the reason that character can look older in future appearances.

Spreading the reality

Thena, Makkari and Druig resolve they will monitor down Eternals on different planets, to disclose their origins and the very fact their mission will doom their host world’s inhabitants.

“The reality will set them free,” Makkari says earlier than they take the workforce’s ship out into the galaxy.

We’ll verify in with them once more in the movie’s post-credits scene, however the Eternals staying on Earth have one other drawback…

Sersi in Marvel's Eternals

Sersi would not get away with killing Tiamut.

Marvel Studios

One indignant Celestial

Sersei returns residence to London and picks up along with her human boyfriend Dane Whitman (Package Harington). He prepares to inform her about his “sophisticated” household historical past, however is interrupted by the dramatic look of a Celestial above Earth.

Arishem plucks Sersei, Phastos and Kingo off Earth, telling them he is aggravated that they killed Tiamut however plans to spare their adopted world for the second (which appears tremendous good of him). He will take a deep-dive into our historical past by scanning their recollections, then resolve if it is worthy of survival.

“And I’ll return, for judgement,” he says ominously.

It is in all probability not nice {that a} bunch of Sersei’s current recollections will likely be about her adventures on social media — that is not precisely us at our best.

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What it means

Considering how complicated the movie’s plot was, the resolution seems pretty straightforward — it mostly served to set up the Celestials as a major threat for Phase 4 of the MCU. A sequel will likely see the Eternals going to free their allies from Arishem on the World-Forge (this plotline may also develop in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3)

Despite Makkari’s belief that other Eternals will reject their mission once they know the truth, it may not be that simple. Like Ikarus, they might think the countless trillions of lives created by the Celestials’ seeding process outweigh the billions wiped out by the Emergence. 

It’s a pretty fascinating moral conundrum. Kingo believed in the mission the Celestials gave them, but decided to remain loyal to his friends rather than joining the murderous Ikarus. Phew, it would’ve been pretty devastating to watch the delightful Kumail Nanjiani go bad.

Even though Ikarus seemingly self-immolated, it’s possible he could return. In the comics, fallen Eternals are resurrected using an Activation Chamber located in Antarctica — the character’s comics counterpart was revived this way in writer Kieron Gillen’s current Eternals comic series.


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