A lady was trampled by a herd of cows – revealing how she thought she may die within the terrifying ordeal. 

Janicke Tvedt, 55, cheated demise after being focused by the herd whereas she walked her canine, Goose, together with her associate in a discipline close to her house in Yorkshire, England in July final yr.

The transformational coach was stamped on a number of occasions by one cow earlier than one other beast rolled over her within the chaos that “occurred in sluggish movement”.

She now has lifelong scars after struggling seven damaged ribs and has hoof-shaped scars over her physique.

The trampling additionally destroyed a part of her colon and after two days of sedation she had a colostomy bag fitted.

Reliving the horror, Ms. Tvedt informed Examiner Live she had walked between one cow and the herd and believes she might have spooked the animal.

She stated: “We have been a bit shocked. We have been about 30 meters from the stile that will get you out of the sector so made a beeline for that. Three extra cows got here again although and trapped us in opposition to a hedge. They have been large and there was nowhere we may go.

Janicke Tvedt after she was injured.
Janicke Tvedt after she was injured.
Janicke Tvedt / SWNS

“This black cow reared itself up and stamped down with its two entrance legs on to my stomach. It should have achieved that three or 4 occasions. I’ve received the hoof marks nonetheless. 

“One other cow began having a tussle with it and was knocked over and rolled over my physique and crushed me.”

In a determined try to flee the panicked cows, the 55-year-old stated she and her associate went into “struggle or flight” mode – climbing up a tree.

Janicke Tvedt says she feels fortunate to be alive.
Janicke Tvedt says she feels lucky to be alive.
Janicke Tvedt / SWNS

And Ms. Tvedt stated she believes she may have died, passing out 3 times as she waited for the cows to depart whereas clinging to the tree’s branches.

Lastly, her associate managed to hold her to security.

She was left with seven damaged ribs, different ribs partially fractured and a damaged thumb.

She additionally had an emergency colon resection, an operation that has left her with one other eight-inch scar, and needed to have a colostomy bag fitted.

Ms Tvedt stated: “It was terrifying but it surely all appeared to occur in sluggish movement. I can bear in mind each single second of it.”

This story initially appeared on The Sun and was reproduced right here with permission.

Janicke Tvedt has since spoken about her "terrifying" ordeal.
“It was terrifying but it surely all appeared to occur in sluggish movement. I can bear in mind each single second of it,” Janicke Tvedt stated about her “terrifying” ordeal.
Tom Maddick / SWNS


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