Within the video presentation above, Dr. Peter McCullough, a extremely credentialed and revealed heart specialist, internist and epidemiologist, and one of many major physicians main the cost to offer commonsense medical knowledge into COVID remedies, explains what the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein is and the way it harms human biology — whether or not it comes from a pure SARS-CoV-2 an infection or a COVID jab.

The presentation was given on the Burleson, Texas, COVID Symposium: A Authorized Perspective, which streamed reside December 3, 2021. He begins by addressing the need for security each time a brand new biologic product is launched. Security will not be one thing we are able to merely ignore, it doesn’t matter what else is at stake. We should demand that no matter we’re given really meets some form of security normal.

Warning bells began ringing in McCullough’s ears in the summertime of 2020, lengthy earlier than the COVID photographs have been rolled out. “I used to be telling lawmakers that we’ve acquired an issue,” McCullough says, as a result of corners have been being reduce that may end in a harmful product. Security research, for instance, have been truncated all the way down to a mere two months, which doesn’t permit for sufficient analysis.

Why Did They Use Spike Protein?

He additionally had a number of different considerations concerning the improvement program. Notably, the photographs have been primarily based on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein, which by then we already realized is essentially the most pathogenic a part of the virus, liable for the worst signs of COVID-19, such because the irregular blood clotting seen in severely sick sufferers.

As defined by McCullough, the virus will be illustrated as a ball with spike-like protrusions on its floor. These spikes are what’s inflicting the issues.

“They’d been genetically altered and engineered in a lab in Wuhan, China” McCullough says, “to be notably infectious, and to be notably harmful after they get into the human physique.

The very last thing you need in your physique is a kind of [spike proteins], not to mention billions of them as a result of [they] injury the mind, they injury the center, they injury bone marrow, they will tear up platelets and crimson blood cells. Very importantly, they injury blood vessels and trigger blood clotting.”

Pfizer’s and Moderna’s mRNA photographs, and Janssen’s vector DNA shot, all inject genetic materials into your physique that applications your cells to begin producing the spike protein. They’re gene switch applied sciences.

Briefly, the photographs instruct your physique to supply a harmful protein inside its personal tissues. “We’ve by no means executed that earlier than within the historical past of drugs,” McCullough says, and for good cause: It’s a foul concept. “It’s virtually like a science fiction story going unhealthy,” he says.

The thought is that by making your physique produce this damaging spike protein, your physique will react and combat it off, thereby creating immunity. Nevertheless, within the course of, the spike protein can do near-incomprehensible injury. In some individuals, the spike protein is deadly.

Uncontrolled Spike Protein Manufacturing

What’s extra, we now have uncontrolled manufacturing of spike protein, each when it comes to amount and time. The Might 2021 paper,1 “Circulating SARS-CoV-2 Vaccine Antigen Detected within the Plasma of mRNA-1273 Vaccine Recipients,” proved the spike protein circulated within the blood stream for a median of 15 days’ post-injection. The longest was 29 days.

This refuted the declare that the mRNA merely stayed within the arm and didn’t flow into out of the injection web site. Logically, that declare doesn’t make a lot sense, and the Japanese authorities, early on, demanded Pfizer do a research to point out them the place the injected mRNA really goes.

Pfizer did that biodistribution research,2 which confirmed each the mRNA and spike protein have been extensively distributed in animals’ our bodies. Specifically, it was discovered to build up within the ovaries. Regardless of that, the Pfizer biodistribution knowledge bundle reveals reproductive toxicology research have been eradicated within the curiosity of velocity.

June 25, 2021, a paper was posted on the preprint server BioRxiv, displaying the S1 portion of the spike protein stays detectable for as much as 15 months after you recuperate from COVID-19.

“No surprise individuals have long-COVID syndrome,” McCullough says. “The physique is making an attempt to scrub out this spike protein that’s not purported to be there, 15 months after you’ve had the an infection.”

McCullough factors out that Bruce Patterson, the Stanford scientist who led that research, additionally continues to search out the entire spike protein — each the S1 and S2 segments — in sufferers who acquired the COVID jab, months post-injection.

So, as of proper now, we don’t know when the spike protein manufacturing ceases. What we do know, with nice certainty, is that the spike protein damages the human physique and contributes to each acute and power well being situations and illnesses.

Australia has already bought 14 doses of the COVID jabs for each particular person. That is meant to cowl them for seven years, at one dose each six months. As famous by McCullough, some individuals merely aren’t going to outlive that form of steady and ever-increasing onslaught of spike protein.

Pressing Questions on Vaccine Security

Clear hazard indicators have been obvious in April 2021, and Might 24, 2021, McCullough revealed a paper together with 56 different worldwide scientists within the journal Authorea.3

The paper, “SARS-CoV-2 Mass Vaccination: Pressing Questions on Vaccine Security that Demand Solutions from Worldwide Well being Businesses, Regulatory Authorities, Governments and Vaccine Builders,” demanded the injections be pulled from the market until or till security considerations are addressed. Key medical considerations raised embrace:

The doubtless hazardous mechanisms of motion of the photographs leading to cell, tissue and organ injury

The presence of dangerous spike protein in donated blood

Lack of genotoxicity, teratogenicity and oncogenicity research

The consequences of bioaccumulation in ladies’s ovaries

The potential for diminished fertility

The dearth of a knowledge and security monitoring board (DSMB) to supervise medical trials and post-market surveillance

The dearth of human ethics committee to supervise medical trials

The dearth of restrictions on exempted teams from randomized managed trials (RCTs) equivalent to pregnant ladies, ladies of childbearing potential, COVID survivors (beforehand immune)

The dearth of threat stratification for hospitalization and demise within the medical trials

The dearth of knowledge transparency

The dearth of public threat mitigation (early and at-home remedy choices)

The paper was despatched to each well being and regulatory company on the planet. Right here we’re in early 2022 and, effectively, you possibly can see what the response was. It’s been nonexistent.

A Important Appraisal of VAERS

In October 2021, Jessica Rose, Ph.D., with the Institute for Pure and Utilized Data in Israel, revealed a report within the Science, Public Well being Coverage, and the Regulation journal.4 The report, “Important Appraisal of VAERS Pharmacovigilance: Is the US Vaccine Opposed Occasion Reporting System (VAERS) a Functioning Pharmacovigilance System?” particulars three major issues discovered:

  1. Deleted antagonistic occasion studies involving COVID jab accidents
  2. Delayed entry of studies
  3. Recoding of Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Actions (MeDRA) phrases from extreme to delicate

It additionally contains bar plots displaying the intense distinction between the COVID photographs in comparison with all different vaccines available on the market. If the photographs have been protected, the variety of VAERS studies would stay comparatively regular, not various a lot from earlier years, however what we see is a staggering spike in vaccine accidents reported in 2021.

The common variety of antagonistic occasion studies following vaccination for the previous 10 years has been about 39,000 yearly, with a median of 155 deaths. That’s for all obtainable vaccines mixed.

The COVID jabs alone now account for 701,126 antagonistic occasions in U.S. territories as of December 17, 2021, together with 9,476 deaths. In the event you embrace worldwide studies that make their method into the VAERS system, we’re 983,756 antagonistic occasion studies and 20,622 deaths.5

As staggering as these numbers are, they’re simply the tip of the iceberg. Once you add within the underreporting issue, which is believed to be wherever from 5 to 40, the numbers are merely astronomical.

VAERS is an early warning system and is meant to alert our authorities to doubtlessly hazardous vaccines as soon as they’ve been rolled out. The sign from VAERS is so clear there’s merely little doubt we now have a security downside on our fingers.

Can COVID Photographs Trigger Demise?

As famous by McCullough, there’s a really tight temporality to the photographs in most deaths. Half have occurred inside 48 hours of injection, and 80% have died inside one week of their jab (be it the primary, second or third dose).6

Temporality is among the 10 Bradford Hill standards used to determine causal relationship. With the intention to be causative, one occasion should happen earlier than one other, and the shorter the period between the 2 occasions, the upper the chance of a causative impact.

In June 2021, Scott McLachlan, Ph.D., on the College of London revealed an evaluation7 of VAERS demise studies concluding that 86% of post-jab deaths could possibly be attributed to the photographs. There was no different clarification for the deaths. McLachlan additionally checked out who’s getting killed by the photographs and, sadly, it’s the identical individuals the photographs are supposed to guard — our seniors.

In September 2021, Ronald Kostoff, Ph.D., revealed a report8 that additionally confirmed seniors have been dying from the jab at far increased charges than different age teams. As famous by McCullough, this makes good sense as a result of individuals die from COVID-19 as a result of influence of the spike protein. Why would anybody assume they may survive having it produced in their very own our bodies?

Utilizing the best-case situation cost-benefit evaluation, Kostoff estimates that folks aged 65 and older are 5 instances extra more likely to die of the COVID shot than from COVID-19 itself.

The rationale for it’s because in case you take the shot, you’re assured to be uncovered to its dangers, however you’re not assured to get COVID-19 in case you don’t take the shot. You might be uncovered, or chances are you’ll not. And never everybody develops a extreme an infection even when instantly uncovered.

COVID Jab-Related Myocarditis in Youngsters

In early September 2021, Tracy Beth Hoeg and colleagues posted an evaluation9 of VAERS knowledge on the preprint server medRxiv, displaying that greater than 86% of the kids aged 12 to 17 who reported signs of myocarditis have been extreme sufficient to require hospitalization.

Additionally they concluded that wholesome boys have a “significantly increased” likelihood of being hospitalized with myocarditis post-jab than they’re of requiring hospitalization for COVID-19.

Based on McCullough, the FDA has heard these knowledge twice in 2021 and by no means disputed them. But they’ve proceeded with suggestions to offer the COVID jab to anybody with a pulse over the age of 5. It’s simply surprising. Traditionally, as a rule, we’ve by no means given medication to individuals after they’re extra more likely to hurt than present a profit.

What Hoeg et. al.10 confirmed is that instances of myocarditis explode after the second shot, and disproportionally have an effect on boys. A full 90% of post-jab myocarditis studies are males, and 85% of studies occurred after the second dose. Based on Hoeg et. al.:11

“The estimated incidence of CAEs [cardiac adverse events] amongst boys aged 12-15 years following the second dose was 162 per million; the incidence amongst boys aged 16-17 years was 94 per million. The estimated incidence of CAEs amongst ladies was 13 per million in each age teams.

The incidence of CAEs was significantly decrease after the primary dose throughout all age and intercourse teams. Median peak troponin was 5.2 ng/mL amongst boys aged 12-15 years, 11.6 ng/mL amongst boys aged 16-17 years, 0.8 ng/mL amongst ladies aged 12-15 years, and seven.3 ng/mL amongst ladies aged 16-17 years.”

Troponin Ranges Reveal Large Coronary heart Injury

Troponin is a protein that helps regulate contractions of your coronary heart and skeletal muscular tissues. It’s a biomarker for coronary heart injury, as your coronary heart releases troponin in response to an harm. Elevated troponin is used to evaluate whether or not you’ve had a coronary heart assault, for instance.

Regular troponin ranges are almost undetectable, so even small will increase can point out coronary heart injury. A degree above 0.4 ng/mL is often indicative of a coronary heart assault and something between 0.04 ng/mL and 0.4 ng/mL signifies there’s some form of downside with the center.12

So, the sky excessive post-jab troponin ranges in these adolescent boys is something however inconsequential. It may completely be life-threatening. Myocarditis may end up in sudden demise, as illustrated in an October 2021 case report13 from Korea, the place the demise of a 22-year-old man from acute myocarditis was causally linked to the Pfizer shot.

“Surely, it’s going to kill children,” McCullough says. Even when not acutely deadly, myocarditis can considerably decrease your life expectancy. Traditionally, the three- to five-year survival price for myocarditis has ranged from 56% to 83%.14 Which means a sure share don’t make it previous 5 years as a result of their coronary heart is just too broken.

McCullough and Rose have additionally tried to publish an evaluation on this matter. They submitted a paper15 on myocarditis instances in VAERS following the COVID jabs to the journal Present Issues in Cardiology. However after initially accepting the paper, the journal all of the sudden modified its thoughts.

You possibly can nonetheless find the pre-proof on Rose’s website although. What they present is that post-jab myocarditis is inversely correlated to age, so the danger will get increased the youthful you might be. They too discovered there’s a dose-dependent threat, with boys having a six-fold higher threat of myocarditis following the second dose.

Mortality in Adolescents Is Skyrocketing

McCullough’s assertion that the shot will kill some kids can also be beginning to present in statistics. British knowledge, for instance, reveals deaths amongst youngsters have spiked since that age group turned eligible for the COVID photographs.16

Between the week ending June 26 and the week ending September 18, 2020, 148 deaths have been reported amongst 15- to 19-year-olds. Throughout that very same time interval in 2021, 217 deaths occurred in that age group. That’s a rise of 47%, which has but to be defined.

Deaths from COVID-19 additionally went up amongst 15- to 19-year-olds after the photographs have been rolled out. Vital considerations have been raised concerning the chance that COVID jabs may worsen COVID-19 illness through antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE).17 Is that what’s happening right here? As reported by The Exposé, which performed the investigation:18

“Correlation doesn’t equal causation, however this can be very regarding to see that deaths have elevated by 47% amongst teenagers over the age of 15, and COVID-19 deaths have additionally elevated amongst this age group since they began receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, and it’s maybe one coincidence too far.”

COVID Jabs Double Danger of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Apart from troponin ranges, researchers have additionally discovered Pfizer and Moderna mRNA COVID-19 photographs dramatically enhance different biomarkers related to thrombosis, cardiomyopathy and different vascular occasions following injection.19

Individuals who had acquired two doses of the mRNA jab greater than doubled their five-year threat of acute coronary syndrome (ACS), the researchers discovered, driving it from a median of 11% to 25%. ACS is an umbrella time period that features not solely coronary heart assaults, but in addition a spread of different situations involving abruptly diminished blood stream to your coronary heart.

In Months, the Jabs’ Effectiveness Wanes to Zero

As must be evident by now, there are vital dangers to those COVID photographs. However what concerning the profit aspect of the equation? As famous by McCullough, whereas the photographs cut back the danger of demise from COVID-19, the profit is vanishingly small.

Numerous papers have been revealed calculating absolutely the threat discount of the photographs, displaying the 4 obtainable COVID jabs within the U.S. present an absolute threat discount between simply 0.7% and 1.3%.20,21

McCullough goes on to quote a December 1, 2021, New England Journal of Drugs research22 that in contrast the effectiveness of Pfizer’s and Moderna’s injections amongst hospitalized veterans. Right here too, they discovered that the photographs had an effectiveness of lower than 1% towards all COVID-19 occasions, over the course of six months.

As of the top of October 2021, we had 22 research displaying the photographs’ efficacy towards all variants quickly wane over the course of three to 6 months, ultimately hitting zero.

For instance, a Swedish research23 revealed October 25, 2021, checked out knowledge from 842,974 pairs, the place every one that had acquired two COVID jabs was paired and in contrast towards an unvaccinated particular person, to see if the vaccinated had fewer symptomatic instances and hospitalizations.

Early on, the double-jabbed appeared to have first rate safety, however that shortly modified. The Pfizer jab went from 92% effectiveness at Day 15 by way of 30, to 47% at Day 121 by way of 180, and 0 from Day 201 onward. The Moderna shot had the same trajectory, being estimated at 59% from Day 181 onward.

The AstraZeneca injection had a decrease effectiveness out of the gate, waned quicker than the mRNA photographs, and had no detectable effectiveness as of Day 121. All of the whereas, thousands and thousands of People have already had COVID24 and have pure immunity that doesn’t wane on this method.

“Vaccines aren’t viable if they will’t final a yr!” McCullough exclaims. “The minimal standards to just accept a vaccine … is 50% protection and it should final one yr. These [COVID shots] aren’t reducing it. None of them are viable to be industrial merchandise.”

The COVID-Jabbed Are Simply as Infectious because the Unvaccinated

COVID jab mandates are much more irrational while you keep in mind the truth that they don’t stop you from being contaminated, and research have repeatedly proven that if you find yourself contaminated, you might have the identical or increased viral load as unvaccinated people. What meaning is you’re simply as infectious as an unvaccinated particular person.

What’s extra, as famous in a letter25 to the editor of The New England Journal of Drugs, the photographs even have solely minor affect on viral clearance. In the event you get the COVID shot and are available down with COVID, you could be sick for a day or so lower than somebody who’s unvaccinated.

We Should Deal with COVID Sufferers Early

McCullough closes out his presentation going over the all-important challenge of early remedy. You’ll want to deal with COVID early and aggressively. You additionally have to hit it from a number of sides. No single drug can successfully deal with all elements of this an infection (though the Omicron variant doesn’t seem to have any of the blood clotting and low oxygen points related to the earliest strains).

Only a few individuals want die from COVID so long as they get acceptable remedy early sufficient. The truth that our well being authorities are to today refusing to acknowledge profitable remedy protocols is nothing in need of against the law.

If you wish to reside, and if you need your loved ones and buddies to reside, you’d be smart to disregard the CDC’s and FDA’s suggestion to attend till you possibly can’t breathe after which go to the hospital, the place they’ll offer you poisonous remdesivir and deadly air flow. As a substitute, arm your self with a number of early remedy protocols and be sure you have the fundamentals in your medication cupboard. Protocols you should utilize embrace:

I reviewed all of those protocols and consider the FLCCC’s is the best and best. I’ve posted a abstract of it under. Nevertheless, I’ve altered a number of the suggestions. Particularly, I like to recommend:

Lowering zinc dose from 100 mg to 50 mg elemental zinc, however just for three days, then lower to fifteen mg elemental zinc.

Growing quercetin from 250 mg to 500 mg.

Add NAC to 500 mg per day.

When utilizing vitamin C, I like to recommend liposomal vitamin C, 1,000 to 2,000 mg, 4 to 6 instances per day.

When utilizing honey, make sure that it’s uncooked, not regular honey from the grocery retailer. Uncooked honey will be obtained on-line or at a well being meals retailer.

Add fibrinolytic enzymes like lumbrokinase, serrapeptidase or nattokinase, two to 4 tablets, two to 3 instances a day, on an empty abdomen (one hour earlier than or two hours after a meal). This may assist break down any microclots and can be utilized in lieu of aspirin.

I’ve additionally added a few therapies that they’ve but to incorporate:

  • Nebulized hydrogen peroxide — Nebulize 5 ml of 0.1% peroxide dissolved in 0.9% regular saline each hour or two. It’s finest to make use of a nebulizer that plugs into the wall, as these are more practical than battery operated ones.
  • Intravenous ozone administered by a educated ozone doctor.


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