Who doesn’t know Priyanka Chopra? She was Miss World 2000 and a major Bollywood star. The 38 year old Indian actress has made her name in Hollywood and gained massive international recognition. You may know Priyanka from her role in Quantico or her extravagant wedding with Nick Jonas. Above all, Priyanka is multitalented.

She’s a supermodel actress and singer. We just can’t stop adoring her. Sure, Priyanka Chopra has been blessed with a gorgeous look and good metabolism. She looks so perfect without even trying hard. However, Priyanka knows that she has to do something to maintain her health and fitness.

Even with the good genes, she’s still willing to do the hard work. Aren’t you curious about how Priyanka has been able to maintain her perfect physique all this time? We have the answer. Here are twelve workout tips by Priyanka Chopra that you can follow.

Number one, start your day on a treadmill. The first thing that Priyanka does before anything is hopping on a treadmill. Even before her gym session starts, she always spends about 15 minutes on it. This is a great warmup exercise because it gets her body ready to do more intense training later. This is Priyanka’s most important warm up session and for that, she never skips this, no matter how lazy she feels that day.

The treadmill walk is very significant because it increases a fat burning effect. Not only that, but it also helps to speed up your metabolism. It offers double benefits at lower risks of injury compared to running. If you have lots of stubborn fat, the treadmill is a great start to burn extra calories more quickly. Two, focus on resistance and strength training.

Priyanka’s primary focus on maintaining her physique is doing more resistance and strength training. She avoids weight lifting most of the time because she doesn’t want to look too muscular. Resistance and strength training works best to make Priyanka’s body look lean and tone. This is her secret of being able to stay fit for years. If you want to look fit and toned, resistance training and strength training should be your Go to workout.

Not only is it great to help you achieve a lean and toned body, but it’s also effective for fat burning. Women have more stored fat than men. That’s why this type of training is really suitable for women. And since most women don’t want to look muscular, this is a great alternative to weight training. Number three Workout Regularly for maximum benefits.

A workout won’t really help if you don’t do it regularly, you’ll quickly regain the weight you lose. If you don’t have a proper workout routine to reap the maximum benefits of a workout, you should be willing to spare some time every week to exercise. Most fitness coaches recommend everyone do a workout at least three times a week to maintain your weight. And those who struggle with obesity and slow metabolism may need to do exercises five to six times a week. We all know Priyanka has been blessed with a perfect and fit body, as well as good metabolism, but it doesn’t mean she’s just staying in bed all day.

Priyanka usually works out five times a week. Even though she’s already in shape, Priyanka is still willing to make an effort and her workout routine is pretty intense. Number Four Full Body Workout for Overall Fitness Full body workout should be the routine for those who want an overall fitness. Priyanka believes that full body workout is the key to overall health. She doesn’t like to do spot training to reduce fat in a specific area.

By doing a full body exercise principal can achieve overall fitness for her body. Everything looks great because every part of her body gets adequately trained. Priyanka usually does a full body workout three times a week. If your goal is to have a toned and lean body like Priyanka, you should incorporate more full body workouts. This way, you’ll look good from head to toe because no body part is left behind.

Every part of your body is actively engaged. Five don’t starve yourself Priyanka says she doesn’t believe in starving herself to lose weight. It’s not the answer to anyone who wants to shed extra pounds. Priyanka eats healthy most of the time, but it doesn’t mean she can’t enjoy her favorite foods like doughnuts and ice cream. Even though she incorporates more clean and healthy food, Priyanka always makes sure that she only chooses the menu that she likes and occasionally she will also enjoy some cheat meals to keep the diet sustainable.

This also applies in the gym. Priyanka never starves herself in the gym. She always eats a nutritious meal before she heads to the gym. This way her body will have enough energy to finish the workout session. Some people believe they have to exercise with an empty stomach to be able to burn more fat.

Priyanka is against this type of mindset. The body needs enough fuel to work properly, especially before intense training. Number Six Yoga for Flexibility Besides increasing her strength and resistance, Priyanka also loves to do yoga to improve flexibility. Yoga may look simple and easy for those who have never tried it, but it has a lot of benefits for health and fitness. Priyanka loves yoga because it not only helps her stay fit, but it’s also relaxing for her.

It’s good for her body and her mind. Yoga is fantastic for overall wellness. If you’re a busy person and often get stuck in a stressful situation, yoga can be your solution. You’ll have a healthier body and a stronger mind. It keeps you fit and helps you to build resilience.

Yoga has increased its popularity in the past few years since many celebrities began promoting it. Also, more research shows that yoga is very beneficial for those looking for a balance between physical and mental health. Number Seven Breathing exercises and meditation to refresh. Besides yoga, Priyanka also adds a breathing, exercise and meditation to help her relax and refresh. Some meditative practices can help her calm her mind when she’s in a stressful situation.

Daily breathing exercises like pranayama and meditation have helped Priyanka stay sane and significantly decrease her stress levels. In this modern life, people’s stress levels are at an alltime high. Many people can’t seem to handle the burnout caused by excessive work. Breathing exercises and meditation can be the answer for those who want more peace in life. By decreasing the stress level and increasing the positive attitude, it leads to more life satisfaction.

Number eight. Short but Effective Workout Sessions The truth is, you don’t have to spend hours and hours at the gym to reap all the benefits. In fact, overtraining can lead to more injuries. Priyanka prefers a short but effective workout session. She usually works out for only an hour a day and five times a week.

Priyanka knows that she doesn’t have to overdo the gym as long as she always does a proper form. 1 Hour is Enough to Stay Fit Many people think that more time at the gym equals a better result, while in reality it leads to overtraining and makes you burn out. Spending hours in the gym is unnecessary unless you’re a bodybuilder trying to win a competition. For a regular person like us, 30 minutes to a 1 hour session is enough. Number nine.

Cost Effective High Intensity Workout If a gym membership is too expensive for you and you don’t have the budget for that, it’s completely fine. You don’t have to go to the gym to stay fit anyway. There are a lot of other options to stay in shape. Priyanka loves to skip rope because it’s simple and easy, yet it’s intense enough to burn excessive fat. Skip rope or jump rope is one of the most cost effective high intensity trainings you can do.

You can do it pretty much anywhere in the backyard, in your house, at the park, or wherever you want. All you need is the rope and the motivation to do it. Number ten. Get Active Every Day Another thing that helps Priyanka to stay fit is to get active every day. Even during the holidays, she still finds a way to stay active no matter what.

However, she won’t be doing intense training at the gym during her recovery day. On the weekend, Priyanka usually opts for running or jogging on vacation, just simple cardio to keep the body moving. Running and jogging are the best types of exercise during recovery. Number eleven Work Out Outside for a Better Mood Lately, Priyanka and her husband, Nick Jonas, have done more outdoor workout sessions. It increases her motivation to do more and it also helps her to improve her mood.

Having an outdoor workout session under the sun has been proven to boost one’s mood. Sunshine helps decrease stress levels and increases the feelgood hormone. Plus it gives you a boost of vitamin D. Twelve Exercise to feel Good the last workout tip from Priyanka is about your mindset. Instead of working out to lose weight, focus on working out to feel good.

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